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Founded in 1941, Carl's Jr. has been a West Coast favorite for over 80 years, known for our iconic charbroiled burgers. Today, we have more than 1,000 locations across the U.S. and serves 28 countries worldwide.

We're Committed to Serving Great Food

Famous Star® with Cheese

A Carl's Jr. original icon, the Famous Star® is the ultimate way to Feed Your Happy. Made with juicy charbroiled beef, fresh produce, and our Special Sauce that was invented and perfected by Carl himself from a super-secret recipe.

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Western Bacon Cheeseburger®

A testament to the flavors of the West come together on this iconic charbroiled burger with trailblazing additions of BBQ Sauce and crispy onion rings. The Western Bacon Cheeseburger® has been a burger lover's desire since it was first introduced in 1982.

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Beyond Famous Star®

In 2019, Carl's Jr. became the first QSR to introduce a plant-based burger option to its stores nationwide by partnering with Beyond Meat®. This flexitarian burger became an instant sensation at Carl's Jr., and inspired the addition of even more Beyond Meat options on the Carl's Jr. menu.

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Burgers for Breakfast

Even in the morning, the ambitious pursuit of food dreams by Carl's Jr. knows no bounds. That's why we serve you charbroiled burgers in the a.m.

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Angus Thickburgers®

Fire seems like nothing special. But when it hits our premium third pound 100% angus beef, it transforms it into a juicy charbroiled burger as good as Carl Karcher intended. Making burgers with fire should be the only way you make burgers, or you’ve no business doing it at all.

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History of Carl's Jr.


Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret invest their entire savings to buy a hot dog cart. Within five years, the Karchers open their first restaurant.


Business blossoms and Carl opens the first two Carl’s Jr.® restaurants in Anaheim, opening two more locations within the decade, and introducing the bright yellow star sign.


The 60s brought vast expansion for the Karchers, who operated 24 Carl's Jr.'s and became Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc., as they rennovated all dining rooms and streamlined menus.


By 1977, more than 200 locations served California, and Carl's Jr. became the first quick-serve restaurant to offer salad bars at all 200 locations. In 1979, the company opened its first out-of-state location in Las Vegas.


The 80s saw more expasion for Carl's Jr., as well as the introduction of the iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger in 1988. By the end of the decade, there were more than 534 restaurants, and Carl's Jr. opened it's first international location in Mexico.


Now operating under Carl Karcher Enterprises (CKE), Carl's Jr. continued burger domination as it opened more locations throughout the states and internationally. In 1997, CKE acquired Hardee's restaurants, expanding business by nearly 2,500 lcoations.


In the 2000s, Carl's Jr. introduced some of its most iconic menu items, including the Six Dollar Burger, Hand-Scooped Milkshakes, and Charbroiled Turkey Burgers -- An industry first.


Over the last decade, Carl's Jr. has continued to push boundaries -- From being the first QSR to have a plant-based burger at all restaurants to the introduction of the first-ever CBD infused burger.

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